3.5 Inch board

HIPER Global offers a large variety of solution in 3.5 inch form factor from variety of manufacture as Kontron, Lanner, DFI, Axiomtek and other companies.

Reducing costs while expediting time to market

These embedded motherboards offer substantial benefits to the client. These include the ability to support a small form factor, and consequently a smaller footprint of the end product, outstanding durability, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures (high and low) and other environmental conditions, and the ability to extend the product’s shelf life.

3.5” boards have versions with external DC power or internal, which can eliminate the need for ATX/bulky power supply – a simple, small, AC-DC to DC to DC power adapter can power the system.

From the component level to full integration

HIPER Global offers a variety of solutions and services that cater to every need, from the supply of the component itself and on to providing comprehensive integration and testing solutions. Our team of engineers is fully committed to finding and providing the best solution that suits our client’s needs, ensuring the quality of the product before it’s shipped out to the client.

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