Embedded Motherboard

Embedded Motherboard

Until recently, industrial computers were large and bulky, making it difficult to provide optimized solutions for industrial needs. However, recently, there is a shift towards small-scale computing boards, or embedded motherboards.
Embedded motherboards are specifically designed to meet industrial requirements and are offered in various form factors for a variety of applications.

A wide range of solutions

Starting from a form factor of 58 mm x 65 mm, these modules are offered individually, integrated into a machine that requires a computing component, or as part of a full turnkey solution. HIPER Global offers a large variety of solutions from variety of manufacturers including Kontron, Lanner, DFI, Supermicro, Axiomtek and other companies. Available form factors include Core Express, COM Express, Mini-ITX, Q7, 3.5-inch, PC-104, PICO-ITX, and ATX motherboards.


A backplane (or “backplane system”) is a group of electrical connectors in parallel with each other, It is used as a backbone to connect several printed circuit boards together to make up a complete computer system.Backplane is used to connect SBC and provide the same functionality as a motherboard, to the backplane you can plug several SBCs to increase the system performance.

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