Network Appliance

HIPER Global offers a wide range of Network Appliance systems and turnkey solutions.

From low-end to high-end, HIPER Global has what it takes to lead a project from the development stage to drop shipment to the end customer. Our integration department handles the simultaneous installation of dozens of unit and our logistics center may ship hundreds of units per day.

HIPER Global is the exclusive Israeli representative of Lanner Electronics, one of Taiwan’s largest Network Appliance companies. Lanner is an expert in OEM network appliance manufacturing, including branding, customer software and packaging.

Looking for a dedicated appliance with the capabilities of a big server?

We have the right product for you. Network Appliances are made for a variety of uses – from small-scale desktop boxes to big, high-performance embedded servers.

They are based on server or desktop hardware, without the disadvantages of a big, bulky box. The customer can pre-load software and sell the Network Appliance as his/her own branded product.

Complete Customization

A big advantage of our Network Appliance product is that the customer can customize every aspect of the unit. You can take full advantage of the high quality hardware, without the need to design it yourself. You can customize your Network Appliance from the smallest screw to the complete package, including the color of the box and your choice of logo.

A Wide Range of Options

HIPER Global offers a large variety of solutions in all form factors. Network Appliances range in size from small routers and desk-top boxes to big data servers. They are specially designed for your needs and manufactured by one our major vendors. Our Network Appliances are based on x86 or ARM architecture and we offer different options, modules and capabilities.

Full, Turnkey Solutions

HIPER Global is able to provide full turnkey solutions and logistics services as needed. We are able to assemble, Integrate, test, pack, ship directly to end users and even follow the solution to the destination for set up at the customer site, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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