System Integration

HIPER Global offers comprehensive integration options including simple software integration on standard servers, and integration of custom made expansion cards and 3rd party components. We also create virtual environments and logo labeling of systems to promote the look and feel of the customer’s brand.

We have vast experience in a variety of testing and QA procedures including inline testing and automated testing, using customer GIGS. We have developed unique testing environments made to run large quantities of units, while maintaining high levels of quality and low costs. HIPER Global is certified, experienced and qualified to offer solutions for a wide variety of applications:

•Industrial solutions: We integrate computing and storage solutions developed for the general market, using a variety of chassis ranging from standard, off-the-shelf products manufactured in the east, to custom-designed casings developed by our engineers. In these custom solutions, we integrate a huge variety of electronics with standard ATX/ATX-like motherboards and other propriety form factors.

•Medical solutions: Using our engineering capabilities, we have developed medical-oriented products with custom casings and custom wiring designed for the medical field, all integrated with unique boards and accessories.

•Military solutions: Providing military-grade solutions rounds out our comprehensive integration offering. HIPER Global develops, assembles and integrates aviation solutions, completely ruggedized ground solutions for IT field deployment, ruggedized off-the-shelf solutions and many others.

•ISO 9001:2008 certified

•Medical AS9100 certified

•Medical ISO-13485 certified

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